Gear for Paddlers

New gear for the new year, helping keep winter at bay

Last year it was great to get support from some fantastic Sponsors, no more so than Palm Equipment.

A Surf and Paddling brand since 1979, with SUP moving in to different environments where a simple wetsuit isn’t always the best choice it’s been great to see Palm take up the challenge.

So much of their gear is already great for SUP as it’s great for paddling but Palm have gone further realising SUP has it’s own specific requirements and highlighted their SUP focussed range.

Follow my Blog on the Palm site and check out their new SUP brochure, which I was lucky enough to get on the front cover of.

For teaching I’m currently using the Spark Drysuit– Lots of free movement in the shoulder and much more comfortable seals than I’ve had in other dry suits.

The Talon mitt is an absolute winter must, they keep the wind chill off but you can keep contact with the shaft all the time.

Palm have made some great training and base layers in the Seti and Arun tops, which I pretty much live in for winter paddling now.

The Neon Pants, are great as a dry option with only a need for a thin base layer underneath.

Whilst if you want Summer to last longer, or come back a little sooner. The fleece lined Horizon shorts help you stretch that summer season.