The Basics

A quick re-blog of some work I did with Red Paddle co

A quick re-blog of some work I did with Red Paddle co


Whether you’re looking to start learning how to SUP for the very first time or hone your skills to become a SUP pro, get the expert advice you’re looking for from paddle-boarding professional, Sam Ross. Sam will soon get you looking like a natural on the water and give you that added confidence you may be looking for. Join us as we go back to the basics of SUP and get the highest quality advice from one of the kings of paddle-boarding!

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The obvious and best place to start…the launching phase. Watch Sam talk you step-by-step the best possible way to enter the water and begin paddling. From warming-up your arms to finding an appropriate spot to set-off, allow Sam to explain all…


Ok so you’re in the water and ready to go, now for the part that tests your balance. Learning how to paddle can often phase complete beginners, as it is the point you need to start to become more agile and confident standing up on your board. Fear not, Sam demonstrates exactly how to stand, how to hold your paddle appropriately and turn with the confidence you’re looking for.


Looking to use SUP as your main form of exercise?! Great thinking! 😉 Paddle-boarding is a brilliant form of exercise to give all of your core muscles a fantastic workout. If you follow the guidance of Sam, you’ll soon be feeling like your body has been given a good going-over!


Ok ok…so you’re feeling a little more confident at this stage. To get maximum speed and power from your paddling strokes, let’s take it up a notch and paddle that little bit extra to become the speed king/queen on the water.

For more key tips and guidance on how to paddleboard the right way, follow Sam Ross on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel where we will feature more of his tuition videos.