Beginner- Expert technique videos, breaking moves down but keeping them simple.

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UK and Overseas Clinics aimed at every age and level. Book direct or contact Sam for more info.

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Whatever level of instructor qualification you are looking for, here are a list of courses or contact Sam for further details.?

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Learning to Train or Training to Learn

Practice makes permanent, productive practice makes perfect.

I'm about to head off on another coaching clinic to Turkey. I'm really looking forward to it, but what I help my students learn this week will just be the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully they ... Read More

Instructor Training Days with the RYA

A great way to stay updated and network in your region I'm on the road with the RYA. ... Read More

Playlist yourself better

If you want to know how to progress and what comes next check out the new playlists ... Read More

Bolt from the Blue

New Sails, Awesome Clinics and some funky videos! ... Read More

Coaching In The Digital Age

Black Boards, white boards and the odd bit of string have always been our standard visual aids. But times have ... Read More

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