Beginner- Expert technique videos, breaking moves down but keeping them simple.

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UK and Overseas Clinics aimed at every age and level. Book direct or contact Sam for more info.

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Whatever level of instructor qualification you are looking for, here are a list of courses or contact Sam for further details.?

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Welcome to Flight Club

Inspired by the America's Cup? A group of UK windsurfers joined me last week to learn how to fly.

Whilst I've spent the last 10 months doing bits of one on one Wind Foil Coaching and small groups, last week was the first Wind Foiling Camp to be held in the UK. However I'm sure it won't b... Read More

The Art of Flight

Whether you're inspired by the America's CUP, Want to get out in lighter winds or want something new to learn ... Read More

Windsurfing by Feel

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Turkey Coaching Diaries- Week 1

With and extra clinic this year I managed to score 6 weeks in Ortakent across the season. Here is a write up o ... Read More

Learning to Train or Training to Learn

Practice makes permanent, productive practice makes perfect. ... Read More