10 Years On!

Merry Christmas all!
Cheers to 10 years in business!

December 2020 marks ten years since my move from gainful employment with Neilson Active Holidays to going solo and working for myself.
A massive thank-you to all have supported me. There have been some massive changes and exciting evolutions over the last 10 years and who knows what the next ten will bring.

We’ve run clinics in Egypt, Turkey and Greece. Instructor training all over the UK as well as Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia in both Windsurfing and Stand up Paddle boarding.

Sam Ross Watersports Coaching… where it started!!

We have been lucky enough to be at the forefront of new Junior Schemes for SUP growing Sail, SUPand board brands. As well as being involved in helping develop the teaching and training of Wind Foiling and now Wing Foiling.

Recently there have been some great exciting projects with new books, as well as the BWA future Pros, Kite4Gold and IQFoil Projects.
We’re up to over 3 and a half million YouTube views and have loved the feedback and reach of all the free content.

It’s now time to look forward, so be ready for a new website, new training opportunities for every level and new sports to boot.

Thank you for the support. There are many reasons I moved into doing this. Mostly to make sure I didn’t get stuck in an office and could keep coaching on the water. ?? for brighter times ahead.

Have an incredible Christmas everyone and if you are having a quiet one, I can’t wait to celebrate the new year with you soon!!

Stay safe and see you on the water and don’t forget to send it!
Sam Ross

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