First Flights

Let's have a look at how best to get the board and 'most' of the Foil out of the water.

For your First Flights, setup up is key. Make sure you go out with some power in the sail so you can get a feel for how the foil lifts and how much needs to come form the rig and the foil itself.

To start with good size footstraps and Boom at shoulder height. Line length is less important at this stage but adjustable lines are very useful.

To foil we need to be in the straps (at least the front strap).

  • Accelerate to get in the front strap
  • Keep working the feet outboard and either get the back foot infront of or in the back strap.
  • Look across or even upwind.
  • To help get the foil out the water pump down through the back foot.
  • When coming airborne try and lock the legs down, look upwind and keep the rig still.
  • To land bring weight, hands and even feet forwards

For more lift weight needs to go back, for less weight needs to go forward.


Check out how these instructor got on over just a few hours. You’ll notice that as they improve body position become more locked. Heads start looking upwind and hips start to get pushed further out.


Day 1 RYA Instructor Foil Training Week 4 Hours in 4 Minutes (almost) from Sam Ross on Vimeo.

Once you start getting those first flights check out the videos on sustained flights.