Flight School 2.0 is here

As Top Gun has been delayed by the current Lockdown we thought to get your flying fix we’d push up the release of Flight School 2.0

Launching this week, check out a bit of the background on Flight School 2.0


A few years ago I did some work with the great team at Lightbox Film Co to make a few short introduction videos to WindFoiling.

We used a few different techniques to some of my earlier videos including using BB Talkin intercom headsets so that we could do live tuition whilst on the move.

We also added some overlays to give a feeling for where your weight needed to be as suddenly teh problem trying to be solved was a bit more 3D.


Role on a couple of years and having done hundreds of hours on the foil myself, taught a few hundred people and tried out most of the kit available we decided to redesign, re film and release an undated version, Flight School 2.0.


We’ve continued to use the BB Talkin intercoms, but also added some more visual overlays including a reference to Centre of Lift and centre of Gravity. This gives you an idea of how you are shifting your body weight forward and back on the board at different times and also a visual of the impact on the foil below the surface.

We re-shot all the basics from first flights, but have also gone into more detail on some areas such as common errors, how to increase speed, and more in depth on Gybing including detailed footwork and strap 2 strap and duck gybes. We’ve also included some setup basics.

As usual its all a free resource so all shares and clicks are much appreciated.


A massive thank you, not only to Light Box but also Starboard Windsurfing, and The OTC for all their support on this.