The Art of Flight

Whether you're inspired by the America's CUP, Want to get out in lighter winds or want something new to learn this Summer. Foiling is here!

My personal foiling project has been a really interesting one. It started as something to learn and a bit of fun and has quickly turned into my new addiction within windsurfing.

I enjoyed windsurfing after I’d got to grips with the basics but it didn’t grab me until I’d got on the plane. That initial excitement terror, then turned into an addiction as I got comfortable in the footstraps and then there was no holding me back.

I still get that feeling every time I get in the straps and start blasting across the water but Foiling has been like discovering that all over again.

Again I’ve been through those moments of terror, excitement and then started to find control that really let me enjoy the sensation. It’s been awesome learning to gybe again and I’ve even started dabbling in a bit of racing.

With work going on, I don’t want to give too much away. But below is a link to me at National Watersports Festival giving a bit of insight into Foiling, the Why, who, what, where when and How.