WindFoil Flight School -Launching and Landing

Getting out and looking after your kit

These first two videos look at how to carry the Foil and launching, as well as how to get your first flights when you’re on the water.

To help with Jargon busting it would be well worth looking through the Foiling Lingo article:

Foil Lingo, Know your parts

Launching and Landing:

Pre-Flight Checks:

  • Before you launch make sure the foil is well fitted. Its really important to make sure the back fin bolt is tight
  • Check your footstraps before putting the foil on.
  • Position the UJ further back in the track to help with lift.
  • To start with go with some power in the rig, normal size sail, maybe a size down.


  • When carrying the foil always keep it forwards
  • Hold the Front strap and Fuselage
  • When clipping together stay on the same side of the board as the Foil
  • When both are clipped together hold the mast and boom to carry into the water.
  • Keep hold of the foil when you’re in the water until deep enough.
  • When deep enough, climb on and uphaul to start.


  • Be conscious of depth as you come in
  • Flip the board over at the back, and keep hold of the foil
  • Hold the Foil Mast and boom to carry out the water.
  • Disconnect foil and rig on land for best storage.