Windsurfing by Feel

After a recent coaching workshop I got reminded about how much we rely on feel when Windsurfing.

However the challenge is often working out what are feelings mean.

I’ll often jump on peoples kit when I’m coaching to check the setup. Often the technical hurdle they are trying to overcome isn’t about technique at all and all about how the kit is setup.

Your rig is trying to tell you something when you’re sailing, whether it’s heavy, twitchy, or unstable these could all point to elements of setup or technique that need adjusting.

Below is a quick guide on what those feelings might be telling you about your setup, I’ll get one together on technique as soon as I can.

If you’re not sure you can always take things to an extreme. For example keep moving your harness lines further and further back until you get too much front hand pull. then move them back to relieve it. You’ve probably nailed your neutral point.

The next tip is to then never make the same mistake again. If you get your kit set up perfectly for a certain wind strength or set of conditions, then record it. You’ll save yourself time and effort every time you go windsurfing. There is no surprise we tend to like the kit we use the most as we tend to set it up the best.


How my Kit Feels